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Purity takes root at the farm

At GMP (Green Mountain Pure) quality and purity begins at the farm with the grower.  Both of which are the essential foundation in producing the best coconut nectar and coconut sugar.  


The journey to harvest nature's perfection begins on certified organic farmland with a farmer who is healthy, well-informed and content; these are the integral starting components in crafting a pure product, ensuring supply chain integrity, and producing consistent quality. 


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Complete Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Integrity

Beyond Fair Trade

A direct source partnership with our farmers

Our farmers have vested interest in keeping their harvests pure and true.

No middlemen, collectors or traders are between our farmers and our facility.  All farmers receive beyond fair trade prices and benefits.

GMP is the only choice for guaranteed product purity & farmer well-being.  


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Proven Production Quality

Over 7 years of experience.

As a single product specialist, GMP provides unparalleled expertise in crafting the worlds finest coconut blossom nectar.


Traditional methods of harvesting merged with proprietary minimal processing techniques result in an artisanal creation of sweet perfection. 

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Unsurpased Product Quality Assurance

The only purely science based approach in the industry

GMP has developed proprietary methodology & analysis which ensure the integrity, quality, and purity from the coconut palm flower to the nectar processing facility.  


This unique system makes GMP the only choice for guaranteed quality, purity & integrity.

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Reliability Without Compromise

Minimal processing married with maximum analytics 

Less is more when it comes to crafting Nature's Perfection™


GMP uses a comprehensive analytical system to select only the best quality nectar which allows for less processing and no refining.  Thus retaining the natural phytonutrients and essential minerals.

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Our Current Certifications


EC 834-2007

ISO 22000:2005


All GMP products are:

Certified Organic, Kosher & ISO 22000:2005  

Sustainably grown, harvested, and prepared

Fairly Traded, Gluten Free, Vegan, and are NON-GMO

Crafted in an FDA registered facility that conforms to cGMP & GFSI food safety Standards and employs an active HACCP-based food safety system.



Gluten Free


From farm to our facility, GMP’s guiding principles are:

Quality, Integrity, & Purity, and Equality.

Coconut palm nectar sweeteners are the best nutritive sweeteners available.







Choose the Pure Source™ and taste the difference.

Advantages of the best nutritive sweetener.

Coconut palm sugar & syrup general advantages

  • Truly the most sustainable plant based sweetener.

  • Low GI

  • Supports traditional farming 

Unique advantages to Green Mountain Pure

 Coconut Palm Nectars

  • Supports permaculture practices to create productive & biodiverse agro ecosystems.​

  • Minimal processing with equipment custom built using ultra pure materials, retains the natural phytonutrients and essential minerals.

  • Uplifts the farmers out of a modern day slavery system through beyond fair trade benefits and prices.

  • Proven product purity and integrity in an industry rampant with adulteration, contamination, and fraud.




& Integrity


We never compromise on whats important.

Rooted in Tradition™ & Growing Pure Goodness™ means we provide education

in organic farming & permaculture practices, in combination with equitable compensation for our farmers with beyond far trade minimums.

Direct treetop to tabletop™ we bring you the purest source without compromise at a sound price.

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